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Cordova Electric Cooperative

2019 CEO Report

Dear customers and owners of Cordova Electric Cooperative: 2019 was a year filled with all the opportunities, challenges, and surprises that we have come to expect in the electric utility industry. New technologies, rising customer expectations, employee and Board skills and performance development, and an aggressive project workload have kept CEC...

Cordova Electric Cooperative

2018 CEO Report

Dear Owners of Cordova Electric Cooperative: This was a year of transition for CEC as we shifted from reduced capital budgets, debt reduction, and training and developing new staff to larger scale maintenance and improvement projects. From high-resolution fuel metering to geotechnical explorations at Crater Lake to solar evaluation and site...

Cordova Electric Cooperative

2017 CEO Report

Dear Owners of Cordova Electric Cooperative: It has been another year of strong financial and operational performance for your Cooperative.  Kilowatt hour sales rebounded from last year’s drop with a 12.5% increase over last year. Once again we were able to operate the Cooperative without increasing rates or borrowing money. Our...

Cordova Electric Cooperative

2016 CEO Report

Dear Owners of Cordova Electric Cooperative: Despite strong headwinds on several fronts, your Cooperative performed well this year. A sharp drop in kilowatt hour sales had revenues down almost 10%, but we were able to operate the Cooperative without raising rates or borrowing money. In fact, we paid down $810,526 in...

Cordova Electric Cooperative

CEC Donation Opportunity/Requests

CoBank is offering a one tome donation match through CEC to a 501C3 Non-Profit organization up to $5,000 for a total of $10,000! If your organization is seeking a donation for an electrical related project complete a CEC Contribution Request Form (see link for form at bottom of page...

Cordova Alaska

Customer Appreciation Day

CEC thanks everyone for attending our Customer Appreciation Day on August 3, 2016. We had a great time visiting with everyone and look forward to next years event....

Cordova Electric Cooperative

2015 CEO Report

It has been a strong year for CEC both financially and operationally. We did not borrow money this year, and paid down $833,503 in existing debt for a new total debt of $15,602.755. This has increased the members’ ownership share of CEC to 49.46% Equity. We budgeted a...