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Cordova Electric Cooperative

October 2019



October 23, 2019

The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Cordova Electric Cooperative, Inc. was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Pegau. Members present were Cook, Faulkner, Johnson, Ranney, and Phillips. Director Cooper was absent. Also present were CEO Koplin, Manager of Generation and Distribution Newlun, Executive Assistant/HR Bailer (Recorder), and Project and Technology Coordinator Kuntz.




Johnson moved and Ranney seconded to approve the Agenda as presented. Voice vote: Unanimous. Motion carried.


Phillips moved and Cook seconded to approve the consent agenda that includes the following:

  • a) Minutes of September 25, 2019 Board Meeting
  • b) Approve New Members – 7/01/19 – 9-30-19

Voice vote: Unanimous. Motion carried.



CEO Written Report

Humpback Creek Penstock Rehabilitation: The remaining penstock rehabilitation work can be completed all in one season in several weeks of work effort. This will complete 10 years of an overall plan to extend the Humpback Creek pipeline life from 50 years to 100 years and perhaps avoid a catastrophic failure in the meantime. We will recommend this in the 2020 budget as the primary capital upgrade for 2020, along with Power Creek Dam and Power Creek Turbine #5.

2020 Budget: Customer Service and 2020 Plan Goals: I will be recommending a work plan for 2020 that focuses on customer service including customer energy efficiency and energy costs, new services and support, transparency and customer choice. If the board supports moving in this direction, there are several recommended items in the 2020 work plan and budget that can support this goal.

Power Creek Dam Replacement: This will be an important element of the 2019-2020 work plan, we will finish what work we can this year, weather and resources permitting.

CTC Collaboration: I am scheduled to meet with CTC CEO Jeremiah Beckett this week.

BESS Update: The system is being operated manually. Control and optimization work will continue through winter and we may be able to automate the system by summer when we save the most fuel.

Power Creek Road Repairs: We will be monitoring the road for performance.

Tariff Revisions: We still need to prepare a revision to account for billing errors similar to Camtu’s.

Orca Boiler Update: The boiler and mechanical (water piping connections) are complete; the wiring and controls work will be completed largely by CEC employees.

RADIANCE Project Update: The cybersecurity plan is being implemented; new network switches were installed last week, and other elements of the plan implementation are in progress. We are working on the specifications for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

CEC HQ Building Update: The water piping was repaired and upgraded. Pictures are attached to this report showing the “before” and “after” condition of the piping. A failure could have resulted in significant flooding. We will return to siding and exterior maintenance in the 2020-2023 work plan.

CEO Travel: I attended the Arctic Circle Assembly and presented on the CEC Battery Energy Storage System. I attended numerous presentations on energy, transportation, and infrastructure. I met with the technical university of Norway and Iceland Energy staff and gathered information on heating in arctic climates for CEC’s 2020-2023 work plan, electric and hydrogen powered boats, and other items and cutting-edge technology of interest to CEC. I attended the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Electricity Advisory Committee (EAC) in Washington, D.C. afterwards. I presented on the CEC BESS system and included a few RADIANCE plan elements. Deputy Secretary Bruce Walker and DOE staff were impressed with CEC’s work contributions and are confident in our ability to manage and implement programs and technologies on a par with the National Laboratories.

CEO Verbal Report

Koplin addressed various items in his report. Newlun reported on his trip to the Canadian Offgrid Utility Group Meeting in Quebec in September.


The following reports were reviewed and Koplin answered questions.

  • Revenue Report for September
  • Draft Cash Flow Report for September
  • Cash Disbursements for September
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Generation and Sales Statistics


Snow Removal Award – Phillips moved and Cook seconded to award the 2019/2020 snow removal and sanding contracts for Power Creek to Wilson Construction, and the snow removal and sanding contracts for the Cordova facilities to Cordovan Snow Removal. Discussion Voice vote: Unanimous. Motion carried.

Bylaw Recommendations – Johnson, Chair of the Bylaw Committee, reviewed the four proposed Bylaw edits the Committee is recommending for membership approval including Article III, Section 7: Order of Business; Article IV, Section 3: Qualifications; Article V, Section 6: Attendance at Meetings; and Article XI, Section 7: Purchasing by Board or CEO (addition to Article XI). Faulkner moved and Cook seconded to accept the Bylaw Committee report and forward recommendations to the membership. Discussion. Voice vote: Unanimous. Motion carried.

Appoint Scholarship Committee – Discussion regarding members willing to participate on the Scholarship Committee. Phillips moved and Cook seconded to appoint Kara Johnson, Patience Regular Meeting of October 23, 2019 Final

Faulkner, Steve Ranney, and Scott Pegau to the CEC Scholarship Committee. Voice vote: Unanimous. Motion carried.

2020 Budget – Capital Projects – Koplin reviewed the proposed 2020 Capital Projects Budget and discussed them with the Board.


Nominating Committee names needed for appointment at November Meeting – Pegau reminded the Board to submit at least one member to participate on the Nominating Committee by November 20, 2019 to Bailer for inclusion in the November agenda packet.

Quarterly Review of Board Evaluation – Board reviewed and updated their evaluation form.


CEO Travel – Noted.

Christmas Decorating Contest – Categories – Ranney suggested a “Best Hallway Decorations” for both the Cordova High School and Mt Eccles like last year. Board agreed.


Policy Review

  • Policy #41C – Local Hiring and Local Purchases – Noted
  • Policy #42B – Dependent Care Assistance for Employees – Noted




  • Review Board Evaluation Quarterly (January/April/July/October)
  • CFC Director Training – Commitment to Excellence, Thursday, November 21, 2019, 1:00- 5:00, CEC Boardroom
  • CEC Annual Meeting – Monday, March 23, 2020
  • Policy 38D – Comprehensive PCB Policy
  • CEC Christmas Party – Reluctant Fisherman Restaurant – December 13, 2019




  • Update Capital Projects for 2020 Budget
  • Include CEC vehicle list in November packet


Faulkner – There’s been a lot of work put into the budget presentation and getting it to the Board before the meeting, thank you, it was successful.

Johnson – Thank you for the Capital Budget document

Cook – Good meeting. Thank you for the information Regular Meeting of October 23, 2019 Final

Ranney – The Work Plan really helps to set the stage for the budget. Thank you.

Phillips – Thank you Clay and staff for all your hard work

Pegau – Thank you for providing the 3-Year Work Plan – it is really helpful.

Johnson moved and Phillips seconded to adjourn at 8:40 p.m.

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