Cordova Electric Cooperative


Cordova Alaska


Cordova Electric Cooperative is the sole provider of electricity to the coastal community of Cordova, Alaska. As a member-owned cooperative, our objective is to deliver affordable, environmentally responsible energy to our members in a safe and reliable manner.

Cordova Alaska


Energy efficiency and conservation projects have further reduced Cordova’s use of costly diesel fuel and the associated environmental impacts. These projects include member education, purchase and distribution of energy saving devices, community wide conversion to LED street lighting, and more.

Cordova Alaska


Cordova Electric Cooperative current and future projects include evaluation of energy storage options, evaluation of electric vehicles, maximizing the production and efficiency of our hydroelectric plants, and striving to reduce our use of diesel to elimination.


Cordova Electric Cooperative has two hydroelectric plants and one diesel plant.

The Humpback Creek hydroelectric plant is located 7 miles north of Cordova and has a total installed generating capacity of 1.25 megawatts. The Power Creek hydroelectric plant is located 7 miles east of Cordova and has a total installed generating capacity of 6.0 megawatts. The Orca Power Plant is Cordova Electric’s only diesel generation facility. It is located on the outskirts of Cordova, and has an installed generating capacity of 10.8 megawatts. For more information on our generating plants please visit the specific plant page.

Power Creek Cordova
Humpback Creek Cordova Alaska
Cordova Alaska