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Payment Options

Cordova Alaska

We offer Several Ways to Pay your CEC Bill.

Cordova Electric Cooperative accepts credit cards! You may use your Visa, Master Card, or Discover Card to pay your bill. For your convenience we also have auto pay so your credit card can be billed automatically each month. You can also drop your payment in the mail, stop by the office during regular business hours or we have a deposit box for after-hours payments located by our front door at 705 2nd street.

Cordova Electric also offers “level pay” (also called budget billing) for residential customers. Customer Service Representatives will work with you to set a fixed monthly payment so your invoice will remain the same year round.  In June, we will “true up.”  Our Customer Service Representatives will determine if the amount that you have been paying for the previous year is to high, to low, or just right.  Call us to get signed up!

Please note that if your electricity usage greatly increases, so will your bill.  If it looks like your level pay amount is no longer enough to cover your bill, our Customer Service Reps will contact you to adjust the amount you are paying.

Cordova Electric Cooperative Rates

Rate Class 100 Residential APR 1 to SEP 30 OCT 1 to MAR 31
Customer $/month 28.00 15.00
Energy (cost/kWh)
     First 500 kWh/month 0.2962 0.2714
     Over 500 kWh/month 0.2309 0.2115
Rate Class 200 General Service Year Round
Customer $/month 23.50
Energy (cost/kWh)
     First 500 kWh/month 0.2593
     Over 500 kWh/month 0.2217
Rate Class 300 Boat Harbor APR 1 to SEP 30 OCT 1 to MAR 31
Customer $/month 28.00 15.00
Energy (cost/kWh)
     First 500 kWh/month 0.2969 0.2969
     Over 500 kWh/month 0.2681 0.2681
Rate Class 800 Large Power Year Round
Customer $/month 60.00
Demand 8.57
Energy (cost/kWh)
     First 5,000 kWh/month 0.2046
     Next 20,000 kWh/month 0.1816
     Over 25,000 kWh/month 0.1584
Rate Class 810 Seafood Processors APR 1 to SEP 30 OCT 1 to MAR 31
Customer $/month 120.00 120.00
Demand 13.18 13.18
Energy (cost/kWh)
     Tier I 0 to 20,000 kWh 0.1940 0.1736
     Tier II 20,001 to 40,000 0.1616 0.1542
     Tier III 40,001 to 400,000 0.1616 0.1432
     Tier IV Greater than 400,000 0.1122 0.1122
Schedule 900 Street Lights 250 Watts/84 LED kWh per month
250 Watt 110 kWh/Month 33.27
84 LED 31 kWh/Month 24.70
Schedule 902 Signal Lights
Monthly kWh 0.2865

New Rates Shown Above (Effective 03/1/15)