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Understanding your bill

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Electric Bill

Electric Bill
Amount Due Previous Month Fuel Efficiency Usage History Hydro Savings Billing Period Basic Charge Energy Charge Fuel Cost Adjustment Power Cost Equalization

Amount Due

  • January 31, 2017 - End of the Billing Cycle
  • February 28, 2017 - you have until this date to pay your balance of 463.61 or there is a 15.00 penalty.

Previous Month

  • Last month your bill was 173.94
  • The -173.94 indicates that the previous month's bill has been paid in full.

Fuel Efficiency

  • This is a very important part of your bill!
  • Hydro Saved will fluctuate depending on how much water is available in the rivers for power generation. Hydro= Good!
  • Fuel efficiency - Think of it as miles per gallon in your car, but instead its kilowatts per gallon at the Power Plant.

Usage History

Your meter number, your total use for the previous 12 billing cycles, and average temperature for the month. The higher the line, the higher the average temperature was for that month.

Hydro Savings

This is important! Having hydroelectric generation available saves you money on your electric bill! This is the price you would pay this billing cycle if we did not have hydro. This number fluctuates with the seasons as more water become available for electric power generation.

Billing Period

The 123456789 number is like a serial number on your meter that we use to identify your meter. The date range indicates the current billing period and number of days, which for this period is 29 days.

Basic Charge

The Basic Charge is a fixed amount per rate class. In this case, the 15 dollar charge is for the Residential Rate Class from Oct 1 to Mar. 31. For more information on rates and rate classes, visit the Rates and Payments Page.

Energy Charge

Meters are read once a month by our Meter Readers. The previous months reading (46736) is subtracted from the current reading (47310) to give you a monthly usage of 574 Kilowatt hours during this period. That number is multiplied by the current rate. To determine the rate divide your total bill ($182.60) by your total usage (574kWh) to give you about 32 cents per kWh for this period.

Fuel Cost Adjustment

Fuel Cost Adjustment is the cost of the fuel that it took to generate your power during this billing cycle. This number fluctuates depending on how much hydro is available for generation. Hydro=Good!

Power Cost Equalization

Power Cost Equalization (PCE) is a credit determined by the State of Alaska on a monthly basis depending on fuel consumption. If you are not receiving PCE please call us and discuss your options.