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Update: 2021 Annual Meeting

The CEC Virtual Annual Meeting was held on Monday, March 22, 2021 and we appreciate the participation of our members that joined in to take part in the meeting.
Ballots were tallied and CEC welcomes back Scott Pegau and Stephen Phillips to the Board, and welcomes Kristy Andrew to the Board.
All three Bylaw propositions passed.
CEC truly appreciates the interest of all candidates running for the Board, including M. Robbe Gilmour, Sarah Kathrein, and Steve Namitz, and welcome them back on the ballot next year should they choose to run again.
To be eligible for the prize drawing, which was held on March 23, 2021, the member was required to participate in the virtual meeting.  There were 20 prizes for the drawing, and one for the pre-registration drawing.  Winners were notified and are as follows:
  • Annie Linville
  • William Fisher
  • Bryan Mills
  • Aaron Hansen
  • Robert Linville
  • Alexis Cooper
  • Seawan Gehlbach
  • Stephen Phillips
  • Gayle Groff Reilly
  • Debra Collins
  • Mae Vansant
  • Tom Bailer
  • Brooke Mallory
  • Scott Newlun
  • Sarah Trumblee
  • Michelle Hahn
  • Jowyn Vistro
  • Mary Gonzalez
  • Allen Roemhildt
  • John Thomas
Pre-registration winner is Toni Bocci.
We look forward to meeting with everyone in person at the 2022 Annual Meeting!
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